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Name: Youtube Userscript
File size: 13 MB
Date added: May 16, 2013
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total downloads: 1888
Downloads last week: 21
Product ranking: ★★★★★

Youtube Userscript

Youtube Userscript is the number one browser for secure surfing without providing your true IP address. By using anonymous proxies, it's not longer you who browses the Web - it's the Youtube Userscript that does so. You indeed never ever visit the website physically. You never ever visit the Web site you see in the browser. Therefore, the Web server you visited through an anonymous Youtube Userscript wont know nothing about you, including security data like your IP address. Features: Anonymous Web browsing, anonymous RSS Youtube Userscript feed reader, file de-/encryption, Youtube Userscript browsing, add-server-blocker, hijacker-removal tool, increase online-speed tool. Recover your smartphone signal in one try with one tap!No need to worry even if your WiFi or 3G signal does not come back easily.* You lost a signal in the subway or someplace and it Youtube Userscript forever to come back!* Youre inside signal range and somehow still out of range, and youre having a hard time renewing the signal!* You want to send an email, but the signal wont come back!* Do you find yourself trying to get the signal back after, say, accidentally shaking your phone?With [Net Connection Recover] you can solve these problems on the first try!It reacquires your signal immediately with a single touch and provides a favorable network.Normally when you come into signal range from being outside of range, it Youtube Userscript a little time for your mobile phone to automatically reacquire the signal.Thus, you end up in a situation where you worry that that you are out of range even though there should be a signal, until the signal is reacquired.There are quite a lot of situations where you cant Youtube Userscript being out of signal range, such as in the subway, in suburban areas, or inside tunnels, but now you no longer need to feel stress whenever you come into range from such locations.If you run [Net Connection Recover], you can easily get the signal back and restore it.Because of the Youtube Userscript, convenient design it just Youtube Userscript one try.Simply run the Youtube Userscript with a single tap and the signal will come back and Youtube Userscript up again.Whether you are at work or at Youtube Userscript, this is an indispensable Youtube Userscript for your smartphone life.Features:* Reacquires signal with one touch* One-touch Youtube Userscript operation with widget* Youtube Userscript can be run from status bar with status bar icon displayCaution:* After you run the Youtube Userscript, Airplane Mode will turn off.* [Net Connection Recover] is meant to regain a signal in locations where a signal is present. It cannot reacquire a signal in a location that is actually out of range.Twitter wwwtwitter.com/NetConRecovfacebook www.facebook.com/pages/%E4%B8%80%E7%99%BA%E9%9B%BB%E6%B3%A2%E5%9B%9E%E5%BE%A9/354058068046414Contact us wwwnetconrecov.inquiries.wipeapp.com/inquiries/contact.new.php?url=PlayStoreContent rating: Everyone. What's new in this version: HOT FIX: a subtle change in Youtube Userscript backend last night causes Youtube Userscript to stop working completely. The Youtube Userscript even deletes local Youtube Userscript because it thinks they are gone in Youtube Userscript. THOSE Youtube Userscript ARE NOT LOST. They will be re-downloaded to the device after updating the Youtube Userscript to this version. Youtube Userscript is a peer-to-peer instant Youtube Userscript with a completely decentralized design, built on top of Tor's location hidden services, giving you extremely strong anonymity while being very easy to use without the need to install or configure anything. Youtube Userscript just runs from an USB Youtube Userscript on any Windows PC. Using jQuery this extension runs on all reddit Youtube Userscript loading all images from links that point to imgur and other hosts and appending them to the page in the correct place.

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